Hi there! Have you ever thought that why traditional marketing is dying a slow death?

Well, one of the reasons for it is that a new phenomenon ‘Digital Branding’ has taken the world of marketing in its grasp and traditional marketing is of no use anymore.

But what is this…

A sample of Genetically Engineered Meat

It’s an irony that the growth in the human population itself has posed unprecedented challenges to human survival. Breeding has long been considered a source of survival for any species. But the growth of the human population has paved way for the food scarcity and famines. The survival of the…

Crypto Mining Farm

Cryptocurrency since its inception back in 2009 has created quite a market for itself. A lot of discussions have been put into Crypto mining. It is regarded by some as a savior as it has allowed the investors to get out of the centralized economic systems across the globe. Although…

Abdullah Amir

A professional SEO, Affiliate and Copywriter

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